How to Clean Your Engagement Ring with Ease?

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring with Ease?

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring with Ease?

Owning an engagement ring is one thing but caring for it and keeping it in top condition is another. Sometimes, keeping that sparkle on requires some effort on your part. It is very necessary to clean your engagement ring from time to time. The wear and tear that comes from daily use of your engagement ring will come into play at some point. This means without regular cleaning, your ring is going to lose some shine and we don’t want that.

However, it must be noted that keeping your ring neat isn’t just about retaining its brilliance always. It’s mostly about being able to keep the ring as beautiful-looking and clean as it was when it was first gotten.

When you clean your ring by yourself, it gives you a special connection to it as its wearer. Knowing what the ring represents creates a deeper bond with it, making it even more special to you. In addition to this, the cleaning activity gives you a chance to inspect the stone and metal ring for abnormalities.

Without regular checks, it might be a bit hard to know when something is coming off loose and requires tightening until it’s too late.

Get soap, warm water and a soft piece of clothing for cleaning the ring. Strong chemical solutions like detergents, bleach, acidic solutions etc should be avoided. The compounds in them could react with the metal component of the ring tarnishing the sparkling quality when you start to clean your engagement ring.

Fill a bowl with the warm water, mix in some liquid soap into it and drop in the engagement ring then leave it to soak in the mixture for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, bring out the ring and clean it using the soft dish rag. Next, run water all over the ring for 3-5 minutes. This will ensure that dirt, sweat, and other stains are lodged out, leaving your ring sparkling and clean once again.

Consider using a soft brush, probably an old toothbrush to gently scrub the ring if it appears there’s still a bit of dirt on it. Do this gently especially around the crevices and hidden areas on it to remove tougher stains and dirt.

Dry up your ring with a clean, dry and soft piece of cloth then let it get some air for about 15 – 30 minutes. Ensure these steps are followed and you’ll have your ring clean, dazzling and ready to be worn to wherever and whenever you want!

If you prefer DIY ring cleaning, you’re good to go with these steps. Alternatively, you could also consider professional ring cleaning services. Cleaning service fees could range from $30 upwards so consider your wallet when planning to clean your engagement ring.

Fortunately, most cleaning services are affordable so feel free to consider your options before deciding on the best way to care for your brilliant, beautiful engagement ring.

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